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9 Awesome Outdoor Bathroom Ideas

Adding an outdoor bathroom can...

Adding an outdoor bathroom can be fantastic if you have a beautiful outdoor space. 

Having a bathroom outside that you can easily get to from your pool or other outdoor space is functional, and you can make it unique and all your own. 

Adding a bathroom outside, whether it's a bathtub, shower, toilet, or all three, can prevent water from getting inside whenever someone needs to go to the restroom while enjoying the pool.

But how do you make an outdoor bathroom look more aesthetically pleasing other than adding a shower or toilet to your yard? 

Here are some of the best outdoor bathroom ideas to inspire you.

1: A Timber-Clad Shower

A timber-clad shower is a perfect idea for those who have rustic decking. It's the ideal combination of naturalistic and chic. 

You can leave it without a door if you prefer an open flow, but it's easy enough to add a door for additional privacy. 

Outdoor Bathroom Ideas

Using chrome shower fixtures will help add a contemporary feel, while you can add pops of color with the floor mat and towels. 

2: Spa Style Outdoor Bathroom

There's something about a spa that screams elegance and peace. You can create a spa-style outdoor bathroom to bring the spa to your home. 

Spa style is vague, but consider elegance, neutral tones, and greenery. A great option is to have an outdoor bathroom with a path leading to it. 

Outdoor Timber-Clad Shower

You can add stones surrounding the bathtub and end tables with candles, oils, and lotions.


Keeping bath salts, bath bombs, and other additives in jars nearby can help it feel more like a spa rather than the tub in your backyard.

3: Thatched Roof Hut Bathroom

If you're thinking about going with tropical vibes for your outdoor bathroom, adding a thatched roof hut bathroom might be perfect. 

A hut bathroom reminds us of something you see on a remote island. It is small but features a straw-style roof that will help keep you safe from the elements while you're using the bathroom.

Spa Style Outdoor Bathroom

We recommend putting this over the toilet area, but you don't have to do that over the shower if you want a stronger connection to nature. 

We love that since these roof styles are neutral, you can paint the walls (if you have them) around them in vibrant colors or whatever you want, and it should match well.

4: Indoor-Outdoor Flow

The best way to describe an indoor-outdoor flow for an outdoor bathroom is to think about an open-plan layout in a home. 

If you love that style, you can extend your bathroom outside while it is still technically part of the house. 

Thatched Roof Hut Bathroom

A great example of this outdoor bathroom idea is how you walk from the fully indoor bedroom to the bathroom, where you have your sink and toilet, but you keep walking into an open courtyard with your bathtub and shower. 

It adds a sense of elegance to the bathroom, and you can use a variety of design styles with this indoor-outdoor bathroom flow. 

5: Add Bamboo Screens 

When installing an outdoor bathroom, one of the most important things is that you feel comfortable enough to use it. If you don't, then what's the point of having one?

Adding bamboo screens is an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to add more privacy to your outdoor bathroom. 

They're the perfect privacy solution when you don't want to commit to large walls of any material. 

outdoor bathroom idea.

A common way to install bamboo screens is at the "opening" of the bathroom and areas closer to the toilet and shower/bathtub. 

You can install them wherever it makes you most comfortable, though. The best part is that bamboo screens are a neutral hue that matches well outside. 

6: Combine Different Textures 

One of the best things about adding an outdoor bathroom is being able to show off your personality and style.

You can experiment with adding different textures to walls, roofs, and other things to create a unique look.

Bamboo Screens outdoor bathroom

An excellent texture combination is to use wood and metal. You get a rustic and modern vibe that almost looks industrial. It's perfect if you want something to look a little vintage but not old. 

Wood and metal are just two examples of textures you can combine. You can show through different materials and then go from there. 

7: Add a Cove or Roof 

Adding a roof or cove is another great idea for your outdoor bathroom. 

You don't need to have alls per se, but this will allow protection from the rain and other weather elements while you're using the outdoor facilities. 

You can use a small roof, pergola, or other roof structure over your bathroom to provide privacy, make the bathroom look better, and more.

outdoor bathroom idea

From a design perspective, it can help define the outdoor bathroom area better, especially if you're not adding walls around the bathroom. 

Another great thing you can do if you add a cove or roof is to string lights from it. You can do it with or without walls, and it's functional and beautiful. 

8: Stone Walls 

If you want an outdoor bathroom but want a little bit more privacy, using stones to create walls around the fixtures is a great idea. 

You can fully enclose the outdoor bathroom with stones or only add them in certain areas, depending on what you want.

outdoor bathroom idea 

Using textured stones will help provide a naturalistic backdrop that looks stunning and is functional for more private users. 

You can even use smooth stones to add a completely different appearance than textured walls. 

Either way, adding stone walls is a great way to showcase your personality and provide some privacy if you prefer that. 

9: Use Plants To Create a "Room."

Whether you want to add a bathtub, shower, toilet, or a combination of the three bathroom features outside, creating a "room" around them with plants is a beautiful idea. 

The whole point of outdoor bathrooms is to embrace nature and all its beauty. 

outdoor bathroom idea

Adding a makeshift "room" around these features can add to the ambiance and help you reconnect with nature after a long day. 

You can use whatever plants you like, preferably ones that are native to your area, and match the other landscaping or vision you have for your backyard. 

Adding flowers is a nice touch, but just greenery is an elegant and simple way to spice up the outdoor bathroom.


Adding an outdoor bathroom to your yard can be functional and look fantastic! 

Whether your style is more tropical, modern, or rustic, there's a way to incorporate that style into your outdoor bathroom. 

Spring Nee

Spring Nee is an outdoor furniture expert with 18 years of experience.


She has extensive experience in outdoor design, including choosing furniture materials, following trends, and adding useful elements.


As a thought leader in the outdoor furniture industry, Spring has been a regular contributor to various blogs, magazines, and design forums

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