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9L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

You've come to the right place...

You've come to the right place if you’re looking for the best L-shaped outdoor kitchen designs. 
Outdoor kitchens are the way of the future—I use mine more than my indoor kitchen. 
Additionally, an L-shaped outdoor living space structure allows you to toggle between different tasks and manage drinks, food, and socializing simultaneously. 
There are many benefits to having an outdoor kitchen: they add value to your home, allow for added space to entertain, and are easier to clean than indoor kitchens. 
However, most people simply don’t know where to begin.
This guide will provide you with the best L-shaped outdoor kitchen design so that you can get started on your lucrative home renovation project today!

1. An L-Shaped Outdoor Bar for Friday Night Cocktails 

9 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

An L-shaped bar is the perfect amenity to host friends on a Friday night. Since I work remotely, I like to sit outside, have a cocktail, and watch the birds frequent the bird feeder nearby. 
This L-shaped bar seating consists of exposed brick with a laminate countertop and rustic wooden stools. It’s nestled under a Pergola with stucco columns and a finished wood ceiling. 

Getting Started

If you love hosting guests, an L-shaped outdoor bar is your best choice. You’ll first need to choose a space for your outdoor bar to accommodate the number of people you plan to serve. 
Like this family, you can add potted plants to complete the look and leverage a Pagoda or Pergola to have your drinks in rain or shine. Consider also installing an outdoor television for game nights and having a bird feeder nearby to provide free entertainment. 

2. Stainless Steel for the Win 

9 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This L-shaped outdoor kitchen layout is made entirely of stainless steel appliances with a concrete granite countertop and a smooth concrete finish. 
There’s a Pergola with steel columns and a clean stucco cover. The final touch consists of a cherry tongue and groove ceiling—complete with an outdoor fan to clear smoke and food debris. 

Getting Started 

Stainless steel is the best option for those who plan to do plenty of cooking and grilling outside. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to rusting, so you must consider a covering or Pergola to protect your new appliances. You should plan for regular maintenance to keep your stainless steel looking sharp and bright and consider hiring professionals to design your outdoor kitchen for longevity and functionality. 

3. Rustic Chic Vibes 

9 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This outdoor cooking space pairs a rustic aesthetic with modern accouterments. The exposed brick increases the value of your outdoor space (and your home!), and the bare oak cabinetry adds to the old-timey look—without compromising functionality. 
This kitchen is part of an exposed oak frame outdoor space in a home in York. It’s surrounded by topiary pines that enhance its antique look and provides much-needed shade. The built-in burner adds functionality and ample space for cooking (and easy cleaning).

Getting Started 

First, determine if this look accommodates your home’s existing aesthetic. A rustic-chic outdoor kitchen works best in a refurbished home or Southern-style decor. 
You can then decide if you prefer the exposed brick look or if you’d instead opt for an unfinished wood (or both!).
Consider implementing an outdoor fireplace to enhance the rustic vibes—my outdoor fireplace is the most-used appliance in my L-shaped kitchen. Add wicker chairs or industrial metal stools to complete the look. 

4. L-Shaped BBQ Bars for Avid Grillers 

9 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If you’re just starting, an outdoor barbecue space may be perfect. Outdoor BBQs are the ideal addition to any home, making cooking outside more accessible than ever. This L-shaped barbecue consists of a rustic frame of rough-hewn wood and ultra-modern appliances—the perfect combination of style and functionality. It has a built-in round table for having intimate conversations with friends while you grill your favorite meats over an open flame. 

Getting Started 

If you’re new to outdoor kitchen spaces, consider starting with an outdoor, L-shaped barbecue. You can begin by installing an island with a built-in grill and adding pieces to your kitchen.
For those who love to grill, this is the all-around best option. 

5. Double Islands for Double the Capabilities 

9 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

My outdoor kitchen consists of two L-shaped islands, which I love. It affords me the space I need to cook, clean, and have guests around while I’m doing it.
This outdoor kitchen has one L-shaped bar that seats at least five people—perfect for parties. The granite countertop makes it easy to clean and resistant to the elements. There’s a grill for barbecues and tons of cabinetry for easy access to ingredients. 

Getting Started

This is the best option for those who plan to transition most of their kitchen capabilities outside. You can start with just one island or install both simultaneously. 
Remember to install ceiling fans if you plan to do lots of cooking (or if you live in a warmer climate).
Consider seeking advice from your favorite manufacturer to determine what would look best in your home. 

6. An Outdoor Bonus Room to Add to Your Home’s Value 

9 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If you want to go the extra mile, consider building a bonus room to add to your home’s value. This outdoor kitchen is a different room. It has a large kitchen island, a pizza oven (perfect for Italian food lovers), and an L-shaped bar for hosting guests. The exposed brick adds to the rustic aesthetic, while the granite countertops make cleaning easy. 

Getting Started 

Adding a bonus room to your home takes extra time and planning. Start small with an outdoor kitchen island, or immediately go for the complete set.
With a space like this, you can do all your cooking outside, so ensure you add every amenity you think you’ll need. 
An outdoor bonus room definitely adds to your home’s value, so it’s a great renovation to undertake even if you plan to sell your home. It will boost your curb appeal and add aesthetic value as well, so it’s an excellent place to start if you’re looking to boost your home equity. 

7. Poolside Paradise 

9 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If you have a pool already, there’s no excuse not to have an outdoor kitchen! Since I spend most of my time by the water, it was a must for me—and I don’t regret it.
Like this family, you can install your outdoor kitchen adjacent to the pool for easy access—or you can build an L-shaped bar that flanks your pool so you can serve drinks to your guests right in the water. 
You can copy this rustic, exposed brick look with stained steel appliances for a clean, modern feel or install a pizza oven to add functionality. 
Consider adding seating to complement the comfort of your space. 

Getting Started 

This option is best for those with a poolside space, but if you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can build a pool while at it! 
Consider implementing a bar so you can serve drinks to your favorite swimmers, and remember to add a Pergola or pergoda to complete the look.
Since you’ll need to consider many structural considerations, it’s best to work with a professional. 

8. Napa Valley Outdoor Kitchen for Wine Lovers

9 L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

The Napa Valley region in California is known for its beautiful outdoor kitchens—and this one takes the cake. 
It’s got stainless steel appliances built into an exposed wood island of natural cedar wood. Cedarwood is an excellent option for outdoor kitchen spaces since it fits most decorating schemes and is resistant to the elements. 
It features a built-in gas grill, an access door and drawer combo, and tons of cabinet space. There’s accent lighting to complement the room and accommodate nighttime entertainment.

Getting Started 

You’ll need to opt for a wood structure with stainless steel appliances to imitate this look. Consider implementing a wine bar and displaying your inventory to add to the aesthetic. 
You’ll need an insulated jacket for the grill to prevent fires and seal the edges with adhesive flashing to prevent moisture from being absorbed into the wood backing. 
Consider enlisting help from your favorite outdoor furniture company to develop a design that works for your space. 

9. Rooftop Kitchens for Urban Dwellers 

If you live in an urban area, you might think an outdoor kitchen isn’t an option. 
Thankfully, that isn’t true.
There are plenty of designs that can accommodate an urban space. This rooftop kitchen has an outdoor barbecue grill built into a granite countertop. It has plenty of workspace for grilling and prepping meals and an L-shaped bar for hosting guests. 

Getting Started

Building an outdoor kitchen on your roof may require some logistical thinking, so you might consider working with professionals to design your new space. 
Consider using robust and durable materials to endure the elements—granite,  exposed brick, and metal work well for urban spaces since they are resistant to pollution. 
Ensure your outdoor kitchen is up to code since city spaces are slightly more restrictive. 

Final Thoughts 

My L-shaped outdoor kitchen is the best part of my home. It’s a great place to host friends on game day and spend time with the family on Friday nights.
With this guide to the best L-shaped outdoor kitchen ideas, you can get started on your own outside cooking space today. From rustic chic to Napa Valley paradise, the options are endless. 
Choose the design you like best and call your favorite professional manufacturer of outdoor furniture to learn more about your new outdoor kitchen. 

Spring Nee

Spring Nee is an outdoor furniture expert with 18 years of experience.


She has extensive experience in outdoor design, including choosing furniture materials, following trends, and adding useful elements.


As a thought leader in the outdoor furniture industry, Spring has been a regular contributor to various blogs, magazines, and design forums

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