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10 Folding Chair Decor Ideas

Folding chairs get a terrible ...

Folding chairs get a terrible reputation. However, they're versatile members in the toolbox of any event planner, perfect for events both indoors and outdoors. Able to be put up and taken down quickly, durable and reusable, and rearranged in a moment, folding chairs are great options for any venue and event. 



Unfortunately, one big downside of folding chairs is that even the most upscale ones tend to be plain at best. That's where a bit of creativity can go a long way. Bust out your craft bins and artistic eye. 



It's time to dress up the drab and dream up something new with these ten folding chair decor ideas inspired by common events you'll find them at. 



Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular, meaning that mobile seating options like folding chairs are becoming more and more vital for wedding planners. 



So, for the perfect forest wedding deep surrounding the picturesque gazebo or a farmhouse wedding, you'll need some seating.



Let's check out some options to dress up that seating in a wide array of materials. In general, you'll want to keep an eye on how much your materials are costing per head. 



This expense, like many others with weddings, will sneak up on you. Even a seemingly cheap decoration, like a $5 bow, adds up quickly with dozens of guests coming for your special day. 



So if you have a strict budget to stick to, keep that in mind when planning your seating decor.



Fresh flowers are an expensive option but an elegant one for a big day. Talk to a florist to discuss the perfect way to decorate folding chairs with fresh flowers. Big blooms aren't the best way to go here. Instead, some of the hardier greenery and filler flowers make a big impression with these setups.


Photo from Pinterest


Another option is to use fake flowers, like the ones found in hardware stores, to make garlands that can stand the test of time. These can be purchased premade or crafted by yourself or members of the wedding party as a gift. 



Fake flowers can be much more economical and a much more durable option.


Ribbons & Fabrics

Weaving fabrics through the components of a folding chair is another great way to dress up a drab chair into something that will look elegant and lovely in wedding photos. Some great options are tulle, taffeta, and printed cotton. 


Photo from Pinterest


Very small amounts of fabric can go a long way to dressing up a venue. Plus, overdoing it on fabrics can make your decor look tacky. 



In addition, you can use ribbons to wind around the legs and struts of a piece to give it a striated effect. See-through and metallic ribbons, as well as glittery ones, can be used to great effect here.



Nothing truly shines through with romanticism and poise like a large bow on the back of a folding chair at a wedding. You can create bows through several methods, some more expensive than others, all sure to dazzle guests and groomsmen alike. 


Some sashes come premade in a wide array of colors, ready to purchase and perfect to match the wedding colors. 


However, making your own bows from satin is easy and cost-effective. It can also be a great activity for the wedding party to work on together, letting the groomsmen and the bridesmaids intermingle and spend time together. 



One innovative way to skirt the concept of decorating a folding chair altogether is obscuring its form. When you're truly not a fan of folding chairs in the first place, you'll be ready to cover it up entirely. Thankfully, there are solutions available for that. 


Photo from Pinterest


Available for purchase are folding chair covers, available in a wide variety of colors that can let the chairs blend into the background so that the more important elements of the day shine through, whether that's the guests' attire, the venue itself, or, of course, the people being wed. 



For the more rustic-inspired wedding, you can't go wrong with the material everyone keeps raving about. No barnyard wedding is complete without copious amounts of burlap, and it's the perfect material for sprucing up those folding chairs.



If guests aren't parked on bushels of hay, adorn their folding chairs with some charming burlap to elevate the experience to the next level of down-home comfort. 



Birthday Parties

Birthday parties have become even more precious after the last few years of uncertainty and fear. Of course, life itself is more special, even making the celebration more important. So let's keep going all out with our decor and our jubilation for birthday parties. 



Adorning those we adore doesn't stop at the cake and presents. There are ways to liven up the folding chairs at a birthday party, regardless of the age of the person being celebrated. These are especially great for big, bombastic parties like milestone events. 


Streamers & Crepe

Crepe is an inexpensive way to dress up any space, and folding chairs are no exception. However, while it's easy to simply weave a stretch of crepe paper through the spokes of a folding chair, there are so many more options for the crafty-minded that are such to make your decor stand out. 


Photo from Pinterest


Crepe paper of different colors can be laced together to create a checkerboard or basketweave panel that can sreve as a false back to folding chairs. This can create a stunning effect in pictures of the events, serving as an optical illusion in photos. 



Party balloons are a fun, festive way to liven up an event. Whether you get balloons with a manual air pump or helium balloons, you're sure to have guests excited by the prospect of their presence at your event.


Photo from Pinterest


One way to tie in balloons to your overall event theming is to have a balloon arch at the entrance and then tie a single balloon to each folding chair. All of this set up requires no helium and makes the entire event feel like one cohesive balloon-themed extravaganza.



For a more up-and-about feeling, snag a helium tank and get to filling for balloons that soar above the guests. Secure one or two to each chair for a balloon canopy to float in a colorful array above guests.


Funerals & Memorials

Though funerals are somber, they still call for a touch of elegance in deference to the deceased's life. There is a particular calling for an air of tastefulness on these occasions. 



When decorating for a funeral, remember that less is more and that the grieving will be very focused on their emotions and their loved ones.



A photograph taped to the back of a folding chair can be a great, simple option to decorate a folding chair for a memorial. 



This can be a way to personalize the venue quickly and efficiently and give those attending a tangible piece of memorabilia to take home with them. This can be a big comfort to those currently experiencing grief.




For a funeral leaning towards elegance, especially where the passing was anticipated by loved ones, lace is a quiet option to adorn folding chairs that can help elevate the event towards a more somber tone. 


Photo from Pinterest


The lace can be white or black. Black is a traditional mourning color in many colors, but white is also seen as a color of mourning in some as well as symbolizing purity.



Another benefit of lace is that it is seen as delicate and gentle, imagery that can comfort people when distressed. 


Banquets & Picnics 

Outdoor eating is a delightful way to spend time with loved ones and your community and is likely to be one of the most typical events that you'll see folding chairs trotted out. Elevate your gatherings with these fun folding chair decoration ideas. 

Napkins, Tablecloths, and Embroidered Tea Towels 

Rather than placing the napkins on the table, simply drape them across the back of the chair in anticipation of the guest's arrival. Placing napkins makes table setting faster and gives the folding chairs a bit of flair in anticipation of the event. 



Pull out all the stops with custom-made gifts for a smaller gathering, perhaps an intimate family picnic. Make a seating chart and order custom monogrammed tea towels. 



Drape them across the back of a folding chair for a bit of stylish decor that will elicit squeals of delight upon further inspection. 


Final Thoughts on Folding Chair Decor Ideas

When it comes to decorating folding chairs, the sky is the limit. Be crafty with your budget, supplies, timeline, and human resources. Keep an eye out for whether your decor will upstage your guests and the event itself. 



Remember, bigger isn't always better, and a folding chair is an underrated place for decor. 



Finally, whatever happens, rest assured that no matter what, people will be more focused on being at your event than whatever is adorning the venue. So stay focused on the activities and ceremonies themselves, and you'll be sure to have a winner of a day.

Spring Nee

Spring Nee is an outdoor furniture expert with 18 years of experience.


She has extensive experience in outdoor design, including choosing furniture materials, following trends, and adding useful elements.


As a thought leader in the outdoor furniture industry, Spring has been a regular contributor to various blogs, magazines, and design forums

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