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How to Keep Birds off Patio Furniture

Birds landing and perching on ...

Birds landing and perching on patio furniture may seem like a non-issue, but if you're like me, then you know the damage they can cause very well. 
They can leave stains, droppings, and a generally unappealing mess to clean up. 
As an avid bird watcher and general lover of the outdoors, I know how difficult it can be to appreciate the outdoors while caring for patio furniture. 
Over the years, I've tried several different methods to accomplish this and often found myself frustrated. But, some ways of deterring birds from my furniture have worked out.
In this article, I'll share what I've learned about keeping birds off my patio furniture and walk you through these techniques in detail. 
In the following sections, we'll explore visual and auditory deterrents, physical barriers, natural repellents, and maintaining the proper food and water in the right place. 

Why Keep Birds Off Patio Furniture? 

There are a few different reasons that you, or someone you know, might be looking to keep birds off their much-loved patio furniture. 
The most obvious reason is that birds can make a  amess when they get used to being somewhere, including stains and droppings on the furniture that require cleaning and repair. 
Hygiene is also something to consider. Bird droppings aren't exactly clean (they can contain harmful bacteria and parasites) and pose potential health risks. 
You may be hyper-aware of this if you have young ones who spend a lot of time outside.
How to Keep Birds off Patio Furniture
The preservation of your furniture is something else you should consider. 
Outdoor furniture is known for being quite expensive, so you'd want to make it last as long as possible. 
Bird damage can shorten the life of patio furniture, especially if you're in an area with many birds. 
Lastly, keep birds off your patio furniture so that it's easier for you to enjoy your time outside. 
If there are bird droppings to clean up every time you go to sit outside or a new piece of damage to contend with, then it's less likely you're enjoying your outdoor space. 

How To Keep Birds off Patio Furniture

Many homeowners and outdoor lovers have needed help keeping birds off patio furniture. 
How do you control where they land and the damage they cause? You can consider using a few different types of deterrents. 
Combined, the deterrents below will keep your patio furniture clean and intact. 

Visual Deterrents 

Visual deterrents are one of the most obvious and easiest ways to attempt to keep birds off your patio furniture. 
Often, birds find certain objects unappealing and will be unwilling and uninterested in landing on your furniture. 
One of the most effective visual deterrents I've tried is shiny objects. 
These are things like reflective tape, aluminum foil strips, and old CDs that you can hang around your garden. 
The reflection from these shiny objects surprises and startles birds deters them from landing where you don't want them to. 
How to Keep Birds off Patio Furniture
You could also use decoys, like scarecrows, to scare birds away, and they will likely think that the decoy poses a potential threat and decide not to land on your furniture. 
Some commonly used decoys include owl and hawk statues. 
One of the best parts of using visual deterrents is that, in some cases, they can add detail and decoration to your yard. 
Many people enjoy the look of picking out and placing bird statues for their railings or hanging streamers in the trees in their yards. 

Auditory Deterrents

Auditory deterrents are another effective way to keep birds off my patio furniture. These are designed to make some noise that birds don't like, making them uncomfortable. 
Some commonly used ones include wind chimes, bells, and ultrasonic devices. 

How to Keep Birds off Patio Furniture
The latter, which is by far the hardest to come by, is a device that makes a noise that's inaudible to humans but that birds don't like and will keep them away from your yard. 
Wind chimes and bells are far more common and often found on porches. 
Strategically placing these near objects and furniture that birds like to land on is another good option to keep in mind. 

Physical Barriers 

Physical barriers are also something you should consider. I've used a fine mesh in the past to cover my patio furniture and make it impossible for birds to land there.
All you have to do is cover it when you're not using it, and it keeps the birds away. 
How to Keep Birds off Patio Furniture
But you're going to want to make sure that the netting is tight enough that any bird who decides to land on it doesn't get tangled. 
Covers and tarps are two other options that you can use. These are usually weather-resistant and maybe something you already have in your home. 
You can fasten these over your furniture when it isn't in use to prevent birds from accessing your cushions. 

Natural Repellents 

A natural repellent is something that's already found in the natural world and won't, in any way, harm the animals that might fly or wander into your yard. 
You already have things, like spices, that can be easy to deploy. 
Some of the natural repellents that work include citrus peel, essential oils, spices, and herbs. 
For example, try strong-smelling herbs like mint, rosemary, and basil near your furniture. Spices like cayenne pepper, chili, and cinnamon also work well. 
Alternatively, try placing citrus peels or cotton balls soaked in different scents near the furniture. Anything strong-smelling like this might be enough to keep the birds away.

Proper Food and Water Management

Birds will always be around your yard, whether you want them there or not. 
One of the best ways you can control what they do and where they go is by properly managing the food you have on hand. 
For instance, I highly recommend ensuring all your garbage bins are tightly secured, minimizing any access to birds. 

How to Keep Birds off Patio Furniture
By doing so, you can cut off one source of food they have access to and direct them towards another, like a bird feeder. 
Birdbaths are a source of water that birds enjoy, and placing one of these away from your furniture can help keep it clear of birds as well.

Final Thoughts

Keeping birds off patio furniture might seem impossible. Still, it can be achieved by employing a range of visual and auditory deterrents, physical barriers, natural repellents, and managing your food and water supplies. 
Visual deterrents include reflective objects and decoys, and auditory deterrents include wind chimes and bells. 
Physical barriers include netting and tarps covering your furniture, while natural repellents can be placed near your furniture, including spices and citrus scents. 
You might also want to try strategically placing the birds' food and water elsewhere. 
By using a combination of these ways of keeping birds off your patio furniture, you can keep your outdoor furniture clear of bird droppings and any damage they might usually cause. 

Spring Nee

Spring Nee is an outdoor furniture expert with 18 years of experience.


She has extensive experience in outdoor design, including choosing furniture materials, following trends, and adding useful elements.


As a thought leader in the outdoor furniture industry, Spring has been a regular contributor to various blogs, magazines, and design forums

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