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14 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Front of House

Outdoor lighting can greatly e...

Outdoor lighting can greatly enhance the beauty of your home and provide security for you and your family. 

The front of your house is what your visitors see first, so paying extra attention to the outdoor lighting you choose is important.


Whether you want to make your home more inviting or highlight its features, we'll explore 14 outdoor lighting ideas for the front of your house, inspiring you to transform your home's exterior.

Modern Ground Lights

Ground lights are a modern and subtle way to light the front of your house. They come in various shapes, like circular, square, and rectangular. 

Some even have artistic designs over the light, creating a stunning shadow effect.

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Ground lights should be installed as flat and low as possible to light an area without overwhelming you with brightness. 


Install these lights along your walkway or driveway to cast a warm glow while providing an extra layer of security by deterring intruders.

Dramatic Sconces

On the other hand, you can use outdoor lighting that makes a statement and adds flair to your home’s exterior. 


Sconces are a type of wall-mounted light with decorative elements, often a covering that distinctly casts the light.


You can find sconces in various styles, such as modern, rustic, or traditional. Moreover, you can also choose from different materials like glass, stainless steel, or bronze. 

With multiple options, you can customize sconces to match your desired architectural style. 

Dramatic scones can be placed on walls or above your front door to give off whatever vibe you want, whether warm and inviting or bold and theatrical. 

Safety Spotlights

While this outdoor lighting idea may not be aesthetic, it's highly functional. If you live somewhere remote or want to amp up your home's security, then safety spotlights are a good choice. 

Safety spotlights are typically mounted high up on the exterior of your house to illuminate an area of the house. 

They provide extra security to your home and are ideal for places with large lawns, dark corners, and entryways. 

In addition to security, safety spotlights also illuminate stairs or uneven surfaces, making it easier to navigate the exterior of your house without any accidents.

Sophisticated Step Lights

Sophisticated step lights are a lovely addition to the front of your house, providing both aesthetic appeal and functionality. 

If the front of your house is pitch black, this can create hazards, especially if you have stairs.

Thus, step lights are a great way to add a warm, inviting glow to your home's exterior while illuminating the steps and preventing falls and accidents. 

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These lights come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so they can fit whatever aesthetic you want for your house. 

They're typically installed directly into the steps or landscaping, making them a subtle addition to your outdoor lighting scheme.

Grand Front Door Light

If you’re looking for something bold, a grand front door light is a great way to illuminate the front of your house. 

This idea is perfect if you have a small covered porch or stoop with a ceiling to hang a large light. 

These lights are typically installed above or to the sides of your front door to create a dramatic glow. 

Outdoor chandeliers, pendant lights, and candelabra lights will highlight your front door's intricate design.

Subtle Garden Lights

Subtle garden lights can illuminate the greenery and vegetation outside your house, creating a charming and organic look. 

You can incorporate lights into the plants around your home in many ways. 

Ground lights or spherical lights can be installed on your lawn or throughout the flowers, emphasizing their beauty with a warm glow even at night.

If you have majestic trees that you love, installing ground lights or small lanterns around the base of the trunks creates a dramatic appearance. 

You can also wrap playful string lights around the trees for aesthetic appeal.

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for safety and aesthetic appeal. 

They come in many styles and sizes that blend seamlessly into your landscaping, such as ground lights, lanterns, lampposts, spheres, and faux candles.

Lining the pathway to your front door with lights creates a charming appearance and ensures it's easy to see, even in the middle of the night. 

You can space them close together for a brighter effect or use the pathway lights sparingly for a more moody appearance.

Whimsical String Lights

String lights may not be for everyone, but they can be a whimsical and beautiful addition to the front of your home. 

As mentioned, you can wrap them around your trees, but the possibilities don't end there.

String lights can be hung from porch beams and columns, above your front door, on your front gate, on your garage, and anywhere else that will brighten the front of your home. 

You can find a lot of variety in string lights, in both the strings and the lights themselves. Some have mini mason jars or lanterns. Other styles include large round bulbs or even square lights.

LED string lights, in particular, are long-lasting and energy-efficient, so you can enjoy their playful glow without worrying about high energy bills or frequent maintenance.

Charming Lanterns

Lanterns are a beautiful addition, providing warmth and charm to the front of your house. Outdoor lanterns come in many styles and materials. 

Metal lanterns offer a classy and rustic appearance, while wicker lanterns give your home a warm and organic feel.

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They are versatile and are used in various outdoor spaces, from front porches and patios to gardens and walkways. 

They can also be mounted on hooks, hung from tree branches, or placed on outdoor furniture.

Lanterns can also be powered by battery, electricity, or even solar power, making them a convenient and low-maintenance lighting option.

Backlit House Number

This outdoor light will add an elegant touch to your home, featuring an illuminated house number at the front of your house.

If you've ever tried to find a house number at night, you know it's a challenge. 

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Thus, installing a backlit house number is practical and adds additional security to your house. It can help emergency services, guests, or delivery drivers locate your home more easily.

Depending on your preference, they can be mounted on the wall near your front door, on a post near your driveway, or even directly on your front door itself.

Illuminated Spheres

Spherical lights typically feature an energy-efficient LED light source enclosed within a spherical shape. 

They're a stunning choice if you want a modern and artistic outdoor lighting idea, but they can look funky and unusual to someone who prefers a more traditional style.

They come in many sizes, colors, and designs: some resemble rocks, spherical hanging lights, round lanterns, and light spheres that look like beautiful beachballs.

These lights will grab your neighbor's attention and make the exterior of your home stand out. Use them to line your pathway or illuminate your garden by hanging them on trees.

European Lampposts

Lampposts have a luxurious and elegant appearance. These lampposts typically feature a tall, slender pole with a decorative lantern-style light fixture at the top, reminiscent of classic European streetlights.

European lampposts can have one light or several at the top, depending on your style. They come in several styles and materials. 

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Some have dramatic cast iron frames that look extravagant and regal, but you can always opt for a modern and sleek design.

They can be hardwired into your home's electrical system or even powered by solar panels, making them convenient and low-maintenance.

Warm Uplighting

Uplighting is a strategic lighting technique that directs light upwards to illuminate the front of your home or other outdoor features. 

People often choose warm uplighting to accentuate their home's architecture. The subtle glow adds depth to your outdoor space.

You can use a variety of light fixtures, including floodlights, spotlights, and even LED strips, to achieve warm uplighting. 

This outdoor lighting technique is more challenging than others since you need to carefully place your lights at the right angles for your desired effect.

But once you get it right, it can help transform your outdoor space into a stunning and visually appealing oasis.

Cool Moonlighting

Moonlighting or downlighting is designed to mimic the soft glow of a full moon on a clear night. It’s the opposite of uplighting. 

You install lights on the eaves of your home or the roof and point them down so they illuminate the space around your home in a cool, bluish-white glow.

The fixtures should be placed high enough above the ground to create a soft and subtle glow but not so high that they are difficult to access for maintenance or repairs. 

This idea is perfect for highlighting your lawn and property rather than your house.

Final Thoughts

From dramatic sconces to whimsical string lights, each lighting technique has unique benefits and can be customized to suit your style and preferences.

Start exploring these outdoor lighting ideas today and transform your front yard into an inviting and beautiful outdoor space.


Spring Nee

Spring Nee is an outdoor furniture expert with 18 years of experience.


She has extensive experience in outdoor design, including choosing furniture materials, following trends, and adding useful elements.


As a thought leader in the outdoor furniture industry, Spring has been a regular contributor to various blogs, magazines, and design forums

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