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SUNSHINE OUTDOOR 2023 Annual Recognition Award Ceremony

Plowing the way to a better fu...

Plowing the way to a better future|Sunshine Outdoor 2023 Annual Recognition Award Ceremony and 2024 New Year's Gala Dinner was a glittering and glamorous event!

       On January 6, Zhejiang Sunshine Leisure Products Co., Ltd. held the company's 2023 annual commendation award ceremony and 2024 New Year's dinner in Wuyi Huatian Meidi Manor Hotel. On the same day, the company's core management team, sales, R & D, production, functional systems, subsidiaries, the main department heads, as well as the 2023 annual award-winning advanced employees to attend this meeting, we review the past year, the saint snow people write a wonderful, looking forward to the full of opportunities in the 2024. a tree, a hundred gained the old year, the five grains of the harvest to welcome the spring.

Annual Meeting Speech

       Mr. Zhu Xiaohui, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, delivered a speech at the annual meeting in the warm applause, thanking all the staff of the company in 2023 for their tireless dedication and hard work, standing at the starting point of the new year, looking back at the footsteps of the hard work. 2023, geopolitics, competition among big countries, energy factors continue to affect and impact the global economy, China's tourism and leisure products industry suffered a severe cold. In the face of challenges, all Sunshine people are sure of their goals and move forward, adhere to the main line of high-quality development, continue to strengthen the foundation, unswervingly carry out the strategic policy, closely follow the strategic positioning and goals, focus on promoting the overall business development, active integration of the channel construction, and deepen the promotion of the independent brand, continue to innovate the mode of operation, and strive to achieve the targets.
        In 2023, the company realized tax revenue of 23.14 million yuan, and was newly assessed as National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise, Zhejiang Province Leading Enterprise of Domestic and Foreign Trade Integration, Provincial New Product Trial Manufacturing Plan Project, Jinhua City Science and Technology Plan Key Project, Municipal Technological Innovation Project, and Municipal Green Factory and many other honors. At present, Shengxue Leisure has more than 90 national, provincial, municipal and county-level honors and 248 patents. These achievements can not be separated from the hard work and dedication of all employees.

Recognition Awards


        The commendation awards around the love and dedication, the best newcomers, loyal employees, technical pacesetters, sales excellence, sales pacesetters, sales team, outstanding party members, pioneer management, excellent management, outstanding management, outstanding elite, pioneering team, excellent team, excellent team, Lean Improvement, special contribution awards to start, covering 13 advanced teams and 116 employees, each enthusiastic applause, represents the saint snow people sincere blessings, each pertinent award speech and exquisite trophies, represents the company's outstanding saint snow people sincere thanks and encouragement. Every enthusiastic applause represents the sincere blessing of the people of Sunshine, and every pertinent award speech and exquisite trophy represents the company's sincere thanks and encouragement to the outstanding people of Sunshine.

Special Contribution Award

        The most exciting and enviable is the grand finale, when the "Special Contribution Award" winner Yu Guowen, vice president of production, received the "value of 100,000 yuan" recognition award from the chairman of the board of directors, the whole room immediately resounded with thunderous applause and cheers of excitement. In 2023, under the extremely bad market environment, he led the production system around the annual production target, all departments work together to overcome all kinds of difficulties, to achieve all the important indicators to meet or exceed expectations. As the mainstay of the company, he made the most special contribution to the company to accomplish the annual target.
        Sunshine's "Special Contribution Award" has been awarded three times so far, regardless of the age of the recipient, all Saint Snow employees who can make special contributions to the company, the company will definitely be awarded, each person will receive cash prizes.

Employee Assistance Fund

      Sunshine's people-oriented enterprise caring culture is not only manifested in the awarding of employee scholarships, but also in the living subsidies for employees with temporary difficulties. Since 2013, the public employee assistance fund has been awarded for 11 consecutive years, a total of 25 employees to get the fund, this year's dinner party on the scene of the 3 employees for the assistance of the donation, the 3 employees were given assistance of 5000 yuan. The company has made rapid development at the same time Shengxue do not forget to return to society, thanks to the staff, hoping that the company's modest efforts to ease their immediate difficulties, conveying the company's care and concern for them. 

Achieve common goals

        After the commendation and award ceremony, the chairman of the board, Mr. Zhu Xiaohui, made an interpretation of Sunshine's strategic planning for the next three years. The company is firmly oriented to culture throughout, firmly implement the "global vision, branding, health and sustainability" strategic policy, adhere to the implementation of the "outdoor-oriented, folding tables and chairs as the core, outdoor furniture and outdoor equipment for the expansion of direction" and "improve product character, enhance product taste, strengthen product quality, shaping product brand" three for four product strategic positioning. We insist on the strategic positioning of "perfecting product character, enhancing product taste, strengthening product quality, and shaping product brand", determine the new five-company strategy and six-transformation strategic objectives, redefine the business layer strategy, and establish a guiding direction for the development in the next three years. Based on the new business strategy, Shengxue has established a new strategy-oriented organizational structure and implemented the organizational management model of "3 functional support centers, 3 business chains and 4 business subsidiaries", which clearly defines the positioning and management responsibilities of all subsidiaries and central departments of the company and effectively promotes the improvement of work quality and efficiency.
        Mr. Zhu pointed out that 2024 is a milestone year in the development process of Sunshine, the company will usher in the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the factory, the Vietnam plant will be completed and put into operation. Sunshine people should closely follow the cultural leadership, closely around the overall strategic goals and ideas, forge ahead, forge ahead, continuous innovation, solid work, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the goals of the year 2024.

Annual business targets signed

       The General Manager's Office released the FY2024 business targets for each department and held a signing ceremony.

Team Statement

       Shanghai subsidiary, the third division, the engineering department of the three teams on behalf of the 2024 annual goals and tasks to make a statement, have expressed the need to be on the string with a sense of urgency and a sense of responsibility, take the initiative to act, the courage to take on the responsibility to ensure that all the work in accordance with the established plans and tasks and objectives of the high-efficiency advancement, high-quality completion.

A colorful dinner party

         The prologue of the dinner was slowly opened, the staff prepared dance, songs, comedy and other programs, brilliant, climax, to all present brought a unique visual feast. Let the staff in the taste of wine and food, enjoy the wonderful program at the same time, harvest touching and strong care.

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She has extensive experience in outdoor design, including choosing furniture materials, following trends, and adding useful elements.


As a thought leader in the outdoor furniture industry, Spring has been a regular contributor to various blogs, magazines, and design forums

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