Textilene Garden Furniture

As the world's No.1 factory of Beach/Camping/Garden Furniture integrated products, Sunshine has served over 50 famous brands worldwide for a long time and helped more than 100 small and medium-sized brands achieve rapid growth. In 2021, we shipped 18 million sheets, an increase of 25% year-on-year, with four professional design teams, a CNAS standard laboratory, and more than 200 patents.


With Sunshine Outdoor’s power of smart factory and patented fabric technology, you can surpass your competitors right from the starting line.Whether your customers are in need of a portable chair for camping, or just want something to sit on at the beach, we have you covered. We offer a wide variety of camping chairs that can fit any budget and style preference.


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Light Industry&Daily Use Textile

Each piece is made with a powder-coated metal frame for robustness and weather resistance, along with texteline seats to provide comfort and durability. The folding design makes it easy to store or move about your garden as needed.

Padded Textilene Conversation Sofa Set

This conversation sofa set made from comfortable quick-dry cotton padded textilene cushion. It is light and easy to move. The low price and classical structure also ensure its hot selling performance in the market.

Padded Textilene Garden Furniture

This garden furniture is made from comfortable quick-dry cotton padded textilene cushion and powder coating steel frame. It is modern fashion and economic design, also the best selling design.

Textilene Couch Set

This textilene couch set is very cheap and hot selling. It is water proof and quick-dry textilene fabric. The thin steel tube offers a light weight and it could be moved to anywhere easily.

Padded Daily Use Textile Garden Furniture

This padded daily use textile garden bistro set is the latest popular design. It is comfortable, light and weather proof. It is also a low maintenance design due to the Alu material used.

Padded Textilene Dining Set

This padded textilene dining set is made of the low maintenance Alu material. Quick-dry cotton padded textilene fabric and the rustless Alu frame will keep you free from the worrying of the weathers and seasons.

Super Simple Textilene Dining Set

This Super simple textilene dining set is made of the low maintenance Alu material and quick-dry textilene fabric. You could just put them into the garden without any maintaining.


Sunshine Outdoor: Manufacturing High-End Outdoor Furniture Since 2004

We have been a supplier in the market longer than most outdoor furniture manufacturers. Our factory was founded in Shentang Industrial Zone in 2004, and eventually expanded worldwide.

Today, we are proud to tell you about all the partnerships we’ve made throughout the years, where we supply retail giants such as Walmart, Carrefour, and Kmart.

20+years of manufacturing

1800+experienced workers

50+ Well-known cooperative brands

Outdoor Chaise Lounge&Sun Lounge

The chairs' steel frame and sun-resistant fabric make them ideal for outdoor use.

Textilen Outdoor Chaise Lounge

This textilene outdoor chaise lounge could adjust the back in 5 gears and could lie down flat. The textilene fabric is water proof and durable. The Alu tube could keep you away from the rust worries.

Textilen Outdoor Sun Lounge

This textilene outdoor sun lounge could adjust the back in 5 gears and could lie down flat. The textilene fabric is water proof and quick dry. Double side armrests give your body better supports.

Economic Textilen Outdoor Chaise Lounge

This economic textilene outdoor chaise lounge is the cheapest design. The steel tube and textilene fabric are cheap and durable. It is a popular promotion design.

Textilene Padded Sun Lounge

This textilene outdoor sun lounge is adjustable and could lie down flat. The padded textilene cushion is very soft and comfortable and be filled with the quick-dry cotton. The Alu frame is light and no rush issues.

Adjustable Textilen Outdoor Chaise Lounge

This adjust textilene outdoor chaise lounge could be used as an armchair and chaise lounge. The textilene fabric and Alu tube are all low maintenance materials. It is fashion, cheap and comfortable.

Padded Textilen Sun Lounge

This padded textilene sun lounge is made of high quality Aluminum frame and textilene padded with quick-dry cotton. It is very comfy and low maintenance.


Advanced Mechanical Equipment, Efficient Production and Transmission

With the Smart Factory, you'll be able to track your pipe progress from start to finish, from raw materials to finished product. You'll also be able to monitor your fabric process: how much fabric is being used, where it's being used, and how much time is being spent on each step of the process.

The system also gives you an intelligent storage and conveying system that allows you to store a huge amount of material efficiently and then move it around with minimal effort.

1.Neat and uniform product appearance and quality.

2.Reducing unnecessary wastage of fabrics.Avoiding fabric flaws.

3.Efficient and precise removal of raw materials and packaged products.

Bistro Furniture Set

These stylish portable table sets are a great addition to any outdoor gathering, from picnics and camping trips to fairs or trade shows.

Textilene Rocking Bistro Set

This textilene rocking bistro set very popular design. The water proof textilene could dry itself quickly even after a big rain. Germany imported powder coating line ensure its high quality standard.

Textilene Rokcing Chair Bistro Set

This textilene Rocking Chair bistro set use water proof textilene material with a removable cushion. This could ensure you could use it for all the weather and season. Steel tube and polywood make it cheap and durable.

Textilene Foldable Bistro Set

This textilene foldable bistro set could open and fold in “one second”. It is easy to carry outside for picnic or BBQ. Quick-dry cotton padded makes it comfortable to sit on and could be used all the weather and seasons.

Textilene Foldable Bistro Set

This textilene foldable bistro set could open and fold in seconds. All the table and chairs could be fold to a very small size. You could take all of them outside easily. The double armrests and padded cushion will ensure you a super comfortable time when sit on it.

Textilene Padded Bistro Set

This textilene padded bistro set is the latest on fashion design. Based on the alu material and durable powder coating, it is a low maintenance design.

Textilene Foldable Bistro Set

This textilene foldable bistro set could open and fold in seconds. All the table and chairs could be fold to a very small size. Quick-dry and economic textilene fabric match well with the durable powder coated strong metal Frames.


OEM Manufacturing Solutions

At OEM Services, we have cultivated a double expertise over the years, successfully using our Original Supply Chain Expertise to tailor innovative logistics and component support solutions for our customers and partners.

High volume manufacturing capability enables us to meet high demand for projects and we have years of experience embedding OEM protocols within our solutions to provide customised solutions.

1.Design Submission

2.Quick Sampling

3.Mass Production

4.Packaging and Delivery

Our Service

We offers high-quality, durable outdoor furniture made with durable Textilene material. Our customizable options and exceptional customer service make us the go-to choice for garden.


SUNSHINE now has 4 R&D centers, located in Shanghai, Zhejiang, the United States and Europe. We provide you suggestions from color scheme,material selection to design pattern and structure.Our experts will guide you to capture the attention of your target audience.

Market Support

Based on years of market experience, we will provide you with market trends and analysis of your target markets, conduct in-depth research on sales channels and competitors, and provide more support to your business.

Free Sample

We provide free samples based on the agreed final design and mostly can send out within 7 days. Please note that all the designs and samples are free for you.With the complete sample, you can determine if you are satisfied with the agreed design before proceeding the mass production.

Full Follow-up Production

After cooperation, we will follow up the whole production process, carry out strict quality control and make sure customers aware of any progress of the product. We will be responsible for all the issues happened during the process and offer solutions to customers.

Fast Delivery

No matter which country you are, we can always deliver your order on time. We have a team of shipping experts who will make sure your order reaches its destination on time. Our team will also make sure that your shipment is delivered to you in good condition. Rest assured that we will deliver your order on time and in perfect condition.

After-Sales Service

We are committed to 7*24-hour online after sales service.Our experienced customer service team is always ready to help you with any questions or problems, and we have a professional team of engineers who can provide you with technical support.

Have a brand?
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Have a brand?

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