Happy Christmas from Jp Balancing Machine

Posted on 2016-12-23
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Jp balancing machine will give you a generous Christmas gift


[Heater industry standard] Jp car heater balancing machine


1. New iteration JP-800 electric measurement system;
2. Add start-up check function to ensure accuracy;
3. With a chain of functions to prevent errors;
4. To pass the product marking, time-saving convenience;
5. Safety door and safety light curtain design, security is more secure;
6. With 12-inch touch screen, intuitive to see the workpiece balance, the data at a glance;
7. Specially designed soft support rack, more conducive to high-precision measurement of the overall balance of heaters;
8. The overall balance of the circumstances, can reduce the balance error to a smaller range, to ensure that the heater has a better quality, more stable balance.

[Disc shaped workpiece selection] automatic vertical drilling balancing machine


Disc-like parts, such as automotive clutch pressure plate, flywheel, pulleys and other parts, you can use the Jp automatic vertical drilling balancing machine . From balancing measurement, angle positioning, drilling to re-test, all automated, so that the make workpiece batch balance more efficient


[Brake disc industry] brake disc automatic balancing machine


Highlights: fast-Processing Period
Highlights : fast Processing Period
Highlights: fast Processing Period


The brake disc automatic balancing machine balancing accuracy, software technology, human-computer interaction system, service life and so on, have been praised by customers


[Automotive Fan Balancing Expert] Cooling fan special balancing machine


1. Automatic safety door protection
2.12 inch Weilun through man-machine interface
3. Pneumatic tooling fixture, clamping fast
4. High-precision balance measurement system
5. Can increase the electrical properties of the workpiece test and vibration and yaw test function
6. At the same time to meet the balance of single and double fan products tested
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Have a brand?

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